Your life may not be like you dreamed as a teenager…

It may be lacking excitement and glamour
But if you accept it
For what it is
Then it might seem ok

The schools have got the kids thinking
They can do anything
Someone should tell em
It’s not that easy, cos sometimes you put two
And two together and you seem to make five

If you’ve got a dream
And it’s running on empty
You’d better look around cos you’re in good company
If you’re unsatisfied, that’s called being alive
It just means you’ve got high standards,
It just means you’ve got high standards,
It’s not wrong to keep holding on,
For something better

Lyrics copyright Adam Moffatt 2014

The above are some words/poem/ lyrics I’ve come up with, would be great to get some feedback. I will return the favour for anyone who wants honest and constructive feedback for their stuff.