A pint of UKIP, a pint of xenophobia

I’m thinking of an imaginary pint of ale, enjoyed in a pub by idiots who have blacked up their faces to do some Morris dancing or something. Which is actually still happening in parts of Birmingham, Uk in 2014. Don’t get how people haven’t rumbled Ukip and their people for what they are; reactionary closet racists. West Midlands UKIP Mep Bill Etheridge recently told his young party members to look at and emulate the style of speech of Adolf Hitler. Don’t care if he’s supposedly talking about the style and not the content of said speeches, thats bollocks. You can’t separate the two. Those who support UKIP often say ‘Immigrants just don’t want to integrate’.  What kind of 1950s community idyll are they living in?  These communities don’t exist anymore. It’s not just immigrants, it’s everybody. More than half of British people go out of their way to avoid speaking to their neighbours and one in ten don’t even know their name. That’s an official YouGov poll. But again, blame the immigrants.  I don’t feel any greater affinity with someone because they’re white and British and probably watch some of the same Tv programmes as me. And who would want to have a pint with Nigel Farage, the ex stockbroker man of the people?